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i've known the gay blades for some time now... we've shared beers, burritos and drove down the highway with our hands on ice til our fingers went numb. when they told me they wanted to release their debut album ghosts on vinyl, i didn't have to think twice.

while trying to think of some packaging ideas, i had been spending some time on and it got me thinking of an old wrestlemania iv vhs i had in my basement that had a popup image of hulk hogan between the two tapes.

popup gatefold jacket w/
12" beer colored vinyl & bonus 7"
featuring 2 new songs


Side A:
O Shot
Bob Dylan's 115th Nightmare
Hey She Say
Dog Day Afternoon
Prologue for the Pure of Heart

Side B:

We Wear Mittens
You're a Garbage Barge, I'm a Dream Boat
Robots Can Fuck Your Shit Up
Why Can't I Grow A Beard?
Compliments Can Kill

Bonus 7" A/B
Britt Daniel Stole My Girl

Just Kids

the gay blades

popup vinyl w/ bonus 7"

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